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Match audio with the script to 100% accuracy–mark wrong, inserted or omitted words, mispronunciations, stumbles, slurred or cut-off words, wrong character, etc.   Provide highlighted pdf indicating where corrections are to be made, a Google doc correction sheet, and audio match files


Clean up distracting or cut breaths, extraneous noises, etc. Seamlessly insert pickups back into audio & ensure all pauses at chapter and section breaks are uniform and noise-free



Master to client specs. Provide .wav, .mp3 and/or .flac files



Over 20 years of experience in the audiobook industry

Trained at Library of Congress Talking Books for the Blind Studio

Former Audiobook narrator, VO artist and actor 

Over 800 books proofed & edited

Have worked for such narrators as Scott Brick, Jennifer Jill Araya, Paul Heitsch, Shane East, Andi Arndt, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer and more

Exceptional professionalism & ability to meet deadlines


Dreamscape Media

Tantor Audio

Hachette Audio

Deyan Audio

Christian Audio

Harper Collins


Blackstone Audiobooks

Recorded Books

One Night Stand Productions


Penguin Random House

Simon & Schuster

Brilliance Audio

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Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Selected Titles
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Jennifer Jill Araya

Award-Winning Narrator

Member of SAG-AFTRA

"I have worked with Erik Synnestvedt for many years now, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is precise in his work and has an ear for detail that makes him incredibly skilled at what he does. Working with Erik is always enjoyable. He is a consummate professional, and my finished audiobooks are much better thanks to his involvement." 

Louise Bay

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

"Reliable, professional and always goes the extra mile. Erik is a pleasure to work with and absolutely fantastic at his job. I don't trust anyone else with the engineering and proofing of my audiobooks."


Paul Heitsch

Award-Winning Narrator

Member of SAG-AFTRA

"Every time I send someone my audio for proofing and editing, it feels like a trust fall. So it’s extraordinarily valuable to me to be able to work with Erik, because I know he will always make sure to get everything right. His dedication to craft shows in every chapter of every book I’ve done with him, and his professionalism ensures that the whole process will go smoothly and predictably."

Katie Robinson

Owner/Executive Producer of

Lyric Audiobooks

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Mike (Mikhail) Shirokov

Owner of Chicago Audiobooks LLC

Managing editor at Eljin Productions Inc

"Erik Synnestvedt is an exceptional proofer/editor for our company's audiobooks, consistently demonstrating trustworthiness, extensive pronunciation knowledge and research capability, thoroughness, and reliable time management. He has a keen ear for the correct pronunciation of even the most complex words and names, is skilled in researching and verifying information to ensure our audiobooks are factually correct, and meticulously reviews every aspect of the audiobook to meet our high standards. Erik is a true professional who takes pride in his work and always delivers outstanding results."


"Erik is one of the most detail-oriented people I've ever worked with; he is an efficient perfectionist and I always feel confident leaving our post-production needs in his hands. Our team has worked with him on hundreds of audiobooks and he always delivers a well-polished final product, on time and while being consistently communicative. I highly recommend him for any of your editing, proofing, and/or mastering needs!"

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Flexible availability.  Booking starts filling up 1-2 months in advance.

For more information on how we can collaborate on your next audiobook project, please click the link below.

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