I've worked with Erik on many projects now and his attention to detail and flexibility to my workflow is second to none. He's a pleasure to work with and makes my job easier.  I look forward to our next collaboration.

--Jeffrey Kafer, Audiobook Narrator & Producer

Erik came to the rescue when I had a tight deadline, and his work was quick, thorough, and of the quality that my indie author clients have come to expect from my production company, Lyric Audiobooks.  He's a prompt and pleasant communicator.  I plan to work regularly with him in the future.

--Andi Arndt, Lyric Audiobooks

We love working with Erik.  We know he'll do excellent work and will meet our tight deadlines.  He does great pronunciation research and is highly accurate at catching misreads.

--Mikhail Shirokov, Supervising Editor at Eljin Productions, ChicagoAudiobooks.com

I could tell just from talking to him that Erik knew what he was doing and my project was in good hands. He had everything covered and in a very professional manner.

--John Pruden, Audiobook Narrator